Friday, June 10, 2011

Is Elba Esther Gordillo actually serious about aviadores?

Seeming leader-for-life of the Mexican teachers union SNTE, Elba Esther Gordillo, spoke out against so-called aviadores, or those registered and covering pay as teachers yet never setting their foot in a classroom. She even called on state governments to act against them as it "discredits" the SNTE.

Given that the notorious practice of aviadores has been a long-running trait of the SNTE, it is a bit hard to take Gordillo fully at her word her. Indeed, aviadores have been actively been used by SNTE in marches and demonstrations, as organizational personnel, as part of the PANAL party created by SNTE, and other non-teaching tasks that have nonetheless benefited Gordillo and SNTE.

One can only hope that Gordillo has indeed realized herself how much the practice does discredit SNTE and teachers in general in the eyes of the Mexican population, beyond the practical - and monetary - benefits they may offer. But I wouldn´t hold my breath.

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