Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The end of the Convergencia party? Good riddance

The Convergencia party appears set to dissolve to become AMLO's own party, including changing its name to Morena, the name of AMLO's movement. Some party members oppose this plan.

Why good riddance? Because this is a party that, while now appearing as a radical pro-AMLO party, started out, and very much remains, the personal outfit of Senator Dante Delgado Rannauro, once an interim PRI governor from Vera Cruz, who ditched PRI to create Convergencia in 1998. The party ever since sold itself to the highest bidder, and it took major concessions from the left (PRD) for Convergencia to accept being its partner in 2006. After this election, when it was in danger, with the Partido del Trabajo, of losing its registry because of its low turnout, it jumped on AMLO's bandwagon, becoming one of the most "radical" parties in Mexico - a complete turnaround.  Before and after, it has on state elections at times joined with the left, other times with its electoral opponents - wherever it could reap some direct benefits. Most recent example: Now Víctor Hugo Círigo, a national Convergencia deputy, has joined the PRI campaign of Eruviel Ávila in Mexico State.

New, serious political parties, with a clear agenda and mission, are always welcome, but Convergencia never belonged to that category, rather merely contributing to fragmentation of the vote in Mexico.

So good riddance, Convergencia.

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