Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On gays: Church at it again, this time Aguascalientes bishop

My oh my. Why can't the Mexican catholic church stop obsessing about the sex life of others, particularly gays? The most recent clergy to offer less than sage input: José María de la Torre, bishop of Aguascalientes:
"the homosexual act is intrinsically contrary to natural law, and therefore is a grave moral disorder or sin..."
Yet as the bishop himself noted, the judgment for such behavior is in any case not up to humans, but to divine law: "Only God knows why they are delinquent or fall on those inclinations."

Only God knows, indeed. And only God presumably knows why Mexican catholic bishops just cannot obsessing about other people's sex life.

Yet let's end on a good note: At least the Archdiocese of Oaxaca offered an apology for the recent homophobic statements of Luis Chávez Botello, another sex-obsessed archbishop.

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