Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PRD claims Calderón's visit to John Paul II's beatification violates constitution

The PRD objects to Calderón's upcoming visit to the Vatican:

According to party president Jesús Zambrano, Calderón "can not attend a religious ceremony of this kind nor should he do it, because the Mexican government is obliged to treat  religious associations all equally from the perspective of fairness."

PRD congresswoman Leticia Quezada also noted pointedly that by attending, "Calderón overlooks the ominous scandal that involved one of the leading representatives of the Catholic Church in Mexico, Marcial Maciel, and yet still decided to attend the ceremony."

If the constitutional argument doesn't work on Calderón, perhaps one should indeed remind him that he as in addition attending a ceremony that beatifies the protector of this and other pederasts.

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