Saturday, March 12, 2011

PAN and Wikileaks. Pounding Pascual

The continuing reactions to Carlos Pascual's leaked assessments of PAN's potential presidential contenders, whom the U.S. ambassador in confidential non-for-distribution cable characterized as "gray" and "weak," are becoming increasingly pathetic and, as far as I can see, counterproductive, given thaty they assure the continuing dissemination of Pascual's negative characterizations of the PAN.

Gustavo Madero, PAN leader, says: The cable "hurts very much the relations between Mexico and the United States."

PAN senator José González Morfín, to add head of the party's senate group, says:

"How little diplomatic Ambassador Pascual has emerged - I have no knowledge of any representative in the diplomatic history of Mexico who has behaved like this."

Really? Perhaps because there were no such leaks in the past. For crying out loud: Pascual did not make these declarations with the intent of making them public; they were released by Wikileaks! Of course Madero and González Morfín are not as stupid as to think the U.S. embassy does not make assessments of presidential contenders - so why on earth do they continue this pathetic knee-jerk reaction to a document that was for internal use only? It is making the party look pretty stupid, and not just "grey" and "weak," as Pascual, in what seems to me to be a quite accurate assessment, noted in the cable.

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