Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cárdenas goes after AMLO

While relations between the two old caudillos appeared to have been somewhat improving, here comes a political attack: Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas criticized AMLO's recently pronounced political project for 2012.

I remain fully convinced that Cárdenas has not given up on his own ambitions, and the substance of his criticism of AMLO's program to me only confirms it: He criticized AMLO for not giving his opinion on the PEMEX incentive contracts, which Cárdenas fully opposes, though he knows fully well that AMLO put up quite a show with his "Brigades" in "defense" of the petroleum, holding a "referendum" on whether to take action and then physically seeking to "take" the Senate to block the passing of this very mild (and in my opinion sorely needed) reform to PEMEX in 2008. Second, he criticizes AMLO for not saying anything about Libya (!) and what he calls "preventive wars." Much can indeed be said for and against the attack on Gadaffi's Libya, but to attack AMLO for this - a man, let's recall, who has absolutely no interest in foreign affairs - seems,well, petty.

But again: I don't think this is meant as any substantively based criticism of AMLO's program, but merely as a first strike against AMLO's political project, that is, his presidential candidacy, which Cárdenas might very well, in one for or the other, try to contest.

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