Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quintana Roo: The case of Basilia Ucán Nah

The case of Basilia Ucan Nah stinks. The Mayan woman, who understands no Spanish and does not read or write in her own language, was arrested in 2007 for pimping, and received 12 years. Yet there seems to be absolutely no evidence tying her to any crime, and every witness has come forward to reject their earlier testimonies, which they claim were forced after heavy intimidation by the state police. Rather, Ucan Nah might have been fingered and locked up for not paying a bribe to the judge of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Ramón Jesús Aldaz Bencomo.

Now, finally, the governor of the state, Félix González Canto (whose own children are magically lucky), have requested more details from the case from the state attorney general, Francisco Alor Quezada. In the meantime, Ucan Nah is in her fourth year in prison.

Here is a press kit in English from the human rights center PRODH Miguel Agustín PRO Juárez.

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