Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clara Brugada, after one year in power

Clara Brugada has now been one year in power as a jefa delegacional, or borough chief, of Iztapalapa. To recall: AMLO mounted the infamous Juanito charade in 2009, postulating a former  street vendor/bozer/stripper/rabble rouser/etc as a stand-in candidate for Brugada, who had lost the official PRD nomination. Things backfired when Juanito then decided he wanted to be a borough chief after all and refused to step down, as promised, in favor of Brugada, though he eventually complied.

However, one year after having assumed power as delegation chief, things are hardly looking better in Iztapalapa: According to PRD's Horacio Martínez, a Mexico City legislator, the borough is confronting the same problems of water shortage, flooding, and crime as before. To recall: These were the main three issues the Brugada/Juanito campaign had promised to immediately address.

In addition, the delegation is suffering from deep fissures or geological cracks, where thousands of families have been identified as in immediate need of relocation, and where many buildings have collapsed, including schools.

Brugada defended her administration, noting that only 10 schools (!) had collapsed on her watch.

Perhaps Iztapalapa would have been better off with Juanito after all.

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