Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ulises Ruiz under investigation in Oaxaca

It has been long said that Ulises Ruiz greatest fear is to wind up in jail. Long in running but ever more realistic, given the determination of the new Oaxaca state administration, led by Governor Gabino Cué, to investigate the administration (2004-2010) of the former governor.

This, given "inconsistencies demonstrated in the state of accounts presented, as well as operations and items that must be clarified," according to Perla Woorlich Fernández, new head of Oaxaca's office of the Comptroller and government Transparency (Secretaría de la Contraloría y Transparencia Gubernamental). 

As La Jornada reports, Ruiz leaves a state in shambles, where patients are dying in Oaxaca's hospitals due to lack of personnel and equipment.

Woorlich Fernández, now heading what appears a quite exhaustive investigation of said accounds,  told El Universal that the previous government handed out no information on its spending, payrolls, contracts for long-term services for infrastructure and equipment, and so forth. In this regard, Ruiz at least remained consistent with the way he governed.

My favorite quotes regarding the information the former government did claim to provide, according to the former PAN legislator-turned-auditor: "it does not explain clearly the situation of the entity at the beginning of its government, nor relevant details of the actions undertaken during the period 2004-2001 government administration..." and "the different sources of information differ substantially from each other, where it is impossible to know exactly of any public works for the period 2004-2010, both those carried out as well as those currently underway, and their actual cost."

In short, Ruiz left information about... absolutely nothing!

Gabino Cué certainly has a daunting task ahead of him. For the sake of seeking to address one of Mexico's absolute worst ills - impunity - I hope we can take his comptroller's words at face value: "We will apply the law in case of detecting irregularities"

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