Friday, January 7, 2011

So it is official: Encinas is going for the candidacy

It's official: Alejandro Encinas is going for the candidacy of the PRD, as well as its not-too-reliable partners the PT and Convergencia, as candidate for governor of Mexico State/Edomex.

Some PRD members, notably its party president Jesús Ortega Martínez, and Luis Sánchez Jiménez, leader of the PRD in Mexico state, emphasized that Encinas is not a candidate yet: Other aspirants for the candidacy exist. Encinas will clearly have to go some form of party vote, such as a closed or open primary, and the PRD have yet to decide on how to proceed with this.

PAN, meanwhile, as noted earlier, remain enthusiastic on the national level, yet not too keen on the local level: PAN party president of the Mexico State branch said that Encinas "is not a unity candidate."
Yet should PAN nonetheless be convinced into voting for Encinas, which would include the unlikely of not presenting its own candidate, Encinas does have a shot at winning.

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