Friday, January 14, 2011

Repugnant behavior from the PRI; silence from the Mexican Michael Steele on Guerrero election events

As Gancho has noted, Humberto Moreira has been quite an act recently; since taking over as head of the PRI, he has seemed eager to make his mark as new party president, though in the process the rambunctious former governor of Coahuila has sounded a bit more than a cocky highschooler on the student board rather than the head of Mexico's largest party.

Yet given his verbosity, you might think he had a word or two to say of the recent disturbing events in Guerrero, where the PRD's representative to the state electoral council was beaten into a bloody pulp, and whose chances of survival are still 50-50.

- A call to calm tempers?
- A call to reject any violence?
- An apology?

No. Rather, Moreira has kept his usually big mouth pretty  much shut. Yet his fellow party members have not, when they rather should have.

* PRI Senator Manlio Fabio Beltrones has called on the PRD to "not exploit the issue politically."
* PRI Senator and Secretary general Jesús Murillo Karam has attacked "opportunistic declarations."

And the kicker: The "Tiempos Mejores para Guerrero" coalition of Manuel Añorve Baños in Guerrero, which includes the PRI, the Green Party (PVEM) and the teacher party PANAL, suggests that the aggression against the PRD member might have been a set-up orchestrated by the PRD.

This from the "New PRI." After barely a week as party president, could the PRI under Moreira possibly sink any lower?

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