Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Baja California Sur, the final piece missing in a pathetic opportunistic game of musical chairs

It's very minor news, but quite telling nonetheless: Alonso Germán Castro backs the PRI.

I've written before of the period leading up to the designation of candidates for governor in the upcoming Baja California Sur gubernatorial elections, which will be held just a mere week after those of Guerrero. Now, the final piece of the puzzle, if one may call it such, is complete: The last to join the game of political juggling is Alonso Germán Castro.

Remember him? He was the PAN politician who won his party's gubernatorial nomination. Fast forward a bit: Marcos Covarrubias, until then of PRD and a national deputy, ditches the party to be recruited on the PAN ticket, together with a local party, the PRS. Since this is now a coalition candidate, PAN argues - keen on keeping the far more electable Covarrubias as candidate - the nomination of Germán Castro was thus tossed out.

Now, the once-gubernatorial candidate for PAN just announced he is backing.... the PRI!
I can really think of no other state in Mexico where politicians have so shamelessly jumped from one party to another, as in Baja California Sur. This includes, of course, PRD's former national president, Leonel Cota, who must have been through 5-6 parties by now). 

The utter opportunism in BCS is simply pathetic, where party labels appear to mean absolutely nothing at all. No wonder Mexicans are cynical about their parties.

(Here's a good run-down of the candidates from El Universal)

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