Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great news, if accurate, for the PRD: No more mass elections by party base

La Jornada reported a couple of days ago that the PRD has apparently agreed - that is, its many and often highly antagonistic corrientes, or party factions, have agreed - to elect its new party president in March not by a  mass party primary, open to all old and new members, but rather by its national council.

This is excellent news for the party, and something I've argued for a long time: How many times do you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, as it were? That is, every single open contested election by the party base has resulted in a cochinero, an absolute disaster, of violence, fraud accusations, refusal by losers to accept defeat, etc. I would like more info/confirmation on this highly significant development, but hope for the party's sake it really is a reality: The last thing the left can afford, if it is to have any chance at all of winning in 2011 but above all in 2012, is yet another disastrous internal election. Even the "radical" rabble-rousers and thugs mostly found in the IDN corriente seem to have realized this.

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