Monday, January 31, 2011

AMLO "revelation": Gordillo wanted to negotiate with him ahead of 2006

I know I've heard and even read this on several occasions, so I am not quite sure what the great news value is, yet if nothing else, it is now officially confirmed by AMLO: Ahead of the 2006 election, the all-too-powerful head of the SNTE teachers union, Elba Esther Gordillo, wanted to negotiate with the then-presidential candidate, yet AMLO refused to have a meeting.

On the one hand, it certainly speaks to AMLO's integrity that he refused to negotiate with Gordillo, a person devoid of any ideology but her lust for power, yet at the same time, it is equally well known that Gordillo threw here PANAL party behind Calderón's candidacy, very likely ensuring the victory of the PAN candidate. AMLO, had he negotiated with Gordillo, would likely not be merely the "legitimate president," but the actual president of Mexico.

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