Saturday, December 11, 2010

AMLO, asked if he would decline for Ebrard: "Would you? No, right?"

AMLO, asked by a reporter if he would consider declining for Ebrard, responded: "Would you? No, right?"
Nevermind that AMLO continues with his standard "whoever is ahead in the polls" line, which he knows is nonsense: AMLO will run in 2012 even with Ebrard as the PRD candidate. I'm willing to take bets here.

In the same appearance, AMLO referred to the leader of the PRD, Jesús Ortega, as a "traitor," for allying with the PAN in certain states. Yet what about the cases when AMLO himself did this as PRD leader? AMLO even considered allying with PAN in 2000, to recall.
Yet his hypocrisy isn't even the main point here. What does it serve to name someone a "traitor"? Why this harsh, violent language? What does one, indeed, do with "traitors"? My first association here is death by firing squad.

In the context of the blood bath that is now soaking Mexico, with 30,000 or more killed in Calderón's war, such language is certainly not worthy of anyone thinking himself presidenciable.

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