Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Will Calderón impose his third party president of PAN? Gil grovels, but why?

Lest there should there be any doubt, any doubt at all, that Roberto Gil Zuarth is a calderonista, or Felipe Calderón's candidate to be president of the Partido Acción Nacional (PAN), here's Gil proclaiming to the world that he is... well, a calderonista:
"I am a calderonista, I have affinities for the President, I know him, I hold him in esteem, I have affection for him, he is part of my personal loyalties... I do not renounce nor deny my admiration for Felipe Calderón."
Even though some of the words used here in my poor translation sound perhaps less homoerotic in the original Spanish, this is just over the top, particularly as a main criticism of current PAN president César Nava, as well as his predecessor German Martínez, was exactly that they were mere impositions by Caldéron - and that in a party that always proudly proclaimed its independence and refusal to succumb to the powers-that-be, even if they were from the PAN.  

Should there be any more doubts that Gil is the anointed candidate of Mexico's president, Gil added for good measure that he would "preserve the legacy of Calderón." I find that disturbing on so many levels.

But there is also something here that doesn't quite add up. Why go to so extreme lengths to identify with Calderón? One possibility is that while Gil's afinidades for Calderón are probably real, he knows that his candidacy might be formally rejected as he only has 2 years and 4 months in the party, and in may step a Gustavo Madero, a man who is also a calderonista but who is not shouting it out like Gil, which may make him more palatable to more PAN councilors whose, well, affinity for Calderón is waning. This includes the 85-100 members of PAN's national council who those in the know reckon to be members of El Yunque.

(Yet I admit this is starting to sound a bit like El Universal's house conspiracy theorist Ricardo Alemám, who like an old clock who has stopped at least twice a day will eventually be correct)

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