Monday, October 4, 2010

Notable vote in PAN's Mexico State branch: Yes to alliance with PRD with 104-1 margin

While the state branch of the Partido Acción Nacional (PAN) was widely expected to endorse its alliance with PRD in Mexico State, the 104-1 vote in favor was nonetheless quite remarkable, given the rancor and bad blood between the PAN and PRD following the 2006 federal election. With the infamous Ley Peña or "Peña Nieto's law," as it has been nicknamed in Mexico, already in vigor, a PAN-PRD alliance faced a new significant obstacle in that the parties will have to come up with common candidates for all legislative lists and run under one label, but given the support from the alliances from the top leadership of PAN, including all the contenders for the PAN presidency, it was a done deal: Felipe Calderón is determined not to be the president that "returned" Los Pinos, or the presidential compound, to PRI.

A significantly bigger obstacle lies with the PRD. As noted on many occasions, AMLO and the movement-advocates in and outside the PRD are doing everything they can to avoid a vote in the PRD state council in favor of an alliance with PAN. The most recent antics, as Milenio reports, is that not only is AMLO calling personally PRD state councilors to "convince" them to reject the alliance in the upcoming vote, but that the internal PRD faction Grupo de Acción Política, which is based exclusively in Mexico State yet has declared its support for AMLO's 2012 candidacy,  is offering up up 6000 pesos to every councilor that will vote against the alliance. What's next?

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