Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jesús Zambrano: AMLO acts like a "Tabascan god"

PRD national deputy Jesús "Tragabalas" Zambrano Grijalva, a vice president of the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, responded angrily to AMLO's threats to "pedir licencia," roughly to request a "leave of absence" from the PRD should the party defy its old caudillo and still go in alliance with PAN for the Mexico State elections in 2011. Referring to AMLO as a "Dios Santito tabasqueño," Zambrano angrily retorted:
"The PRD is not a Metro wagon that one gets on and off whenever it suits one. The PRD is a political institute that should be an instrument of society for change and not for the intentions of any individual in paritcular, or of a wider group."
Yet this is of course exactly how AMLO regards the PRD: As an instrument to serve him unconditionally. If it chooses to disobey his orders, he will readily back its opponents, as he proved in the 2009 federal elections. Yet he will not resign from the party: he rather hopes that his eventual provocations will cause the PRD leadership to loose its temper and expel him, allowing him to claim the role of victim and dismiss the PRD official party organs as merely members of the "mafia" trying to sabotage his 2012 run. Or 2018. Or 2024 - it does not really matter. 

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