Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From Ebrard: NO means NO for alliance with PAN for presidency. Will AMLO take note?

It didn't seem to matter how many times national PRD leader Jésus Ortega declared that PRD will not seek a common presidential candidate for 2012: AMLO and his "radical" supporters keep on existing that this is really the ulterior motive of the PAN-PRD talks to launch a common candidate in 2011 in Mexico State. 

Yet now Marcelo Ebrard, in Spain for events relating to the Spanish Civil War, yesterday again made it very clear that an alliance with PAN for the presidency would not be "logical" or "desirable": The parties are far too different; the electoral alliances at the state levels follow a very different logic. 

To repeat: There will NOT be an alliance with PAN at the national level for 2012. There won't. The PRD will not have a common candidate with PAN for 2012. They won't. PAN.And.PRD.Will.Not.Ally.In.2012. 

Will AMLO finally take notice and stop accusing the PRD of planning this? 

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