Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jesús Ortega: PRD and the "two poles"

PRD national president Jésus Ortega, while denying not-too-convincingly that the PRD remains a divided party, recently outlined what he regard to be the key internal fault line of the party. According to El Universal,
"The PRD leader said that almost from its inception there have been two poles within its ranks: one that seeks to be of the center-left and brings together different sectors, including business sectors, to build something similar to that achieved by Brazil's President Lula da Silva and the Broad Front in Uruguay.  There is another, he emphasized, which is polarizing, extremist, and with anarchist traits. He described as absurd the statements from PRD members that accusing of being a servant of the PAN and the President."
The argument that the division within the PRD is chiefly between its movement and party advocates, and that the division between these two poles runs to the chore of PRD's history,  current identity and, crucially, its most brutal internal  battles, is the topic of a recent political science dissertation

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