Saturday, August 7, 2010

PRI chooses Manuel Añorve Baño as candidate. Will Torreblanca back him?

The PRI national executive committee designated Acapulco Mayor Manuel Añorve Baño as the "unity" candidate for governor of Guerrero in the coming January elections. Añorve Baño is seen as very close to the national president of PRI, Beatriz Paredes, and she undoubtedly pulled all her weight behind him. 
What will be interesting to observe in the coming weeks will be what exactly will be the role of current Governor Zeferino Torreblanca. While elected on a PRD platform, Torreblanca has been rightly criticized for incorporating too many priístas in his government, even functionaries from previous highly authoritarian and repressive PRI state governments, and Torreblanca has also very good relations with Añorve Baño.
Will Torreblanca prove his critics right and actually support 
Añorve Baño, rather than the PRD candidate, for the coming elections? Stay tuned the coming weeks. 

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