Thursday, August 12, 2010

PRD: "The Great enemy of the Church"

Hugo Valdemar is one of the most sinister characters in the Mexican catholic church, which on its own should say quite a lot. Valdemar is the official spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Mexico, and usually takes the role as Cardinal Rivera's particularity mean attack dog.

PRD's response to Rivera's outrageous statements that questioned the decision of the Mexican Supreme Court in my eyes were highly measured: PRD's Ortega, to recall, kept his usual cool and noted that one "should be careful with words because deeming a constitutional right as deviant is serious."

What is the church's answer to this?

What is one to make of this? How can one enter into a dialogue with the church, when the extremists have hijacked it, bent on unraveling any progressive move within the last 3-4 decades? How dare the church, which has been on the wrong side of history on almost every conceivable issue - from schooling for girls to suffrage for women to reproductive health classes in the classroom, to name but the tip of the iceberg - accuse the PRD of a "danger" to the family? 

The statements made by Valdemar are worth a read. They are truly Palinesque in their twisting of reality, let alone their internally contradictory and twisted logic.


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