Friday, August 13, 2010

From Tabasco, AMLO appreciates Castro's praise

Following Castro's praise of AMLO and his recent book - Castro coincides, for one, that AMLO won in 2006 but that "the empire didn't let him assume power" - AMLO responded from Tabasco:
"I appreciate the comments and opinions of the distinguished personality of Fidel Castro, and whether or not we agree with his ideas and his political practice, he is without doubt one of the most important world leaders of our time, as were Gandhi, Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Martin Luther King, Ho Chi Minh, Salvador Allende and our beloved Nelson Mandela:"
As it were, in Tabasco, tierra natal of AMLO, the PRD is undergoing a massive internal turmoil. AMLO claims to not be part of it and that he stays away from the party organization in his home state, yet plenty of evidence exists to the contrary. Recently, the Tabasco PRD leader Javier May Rodríguez, frankly admitted that while the party has several candidates for the 2012 gubernatorial election, in the end the candidate will be whomever AMLO chooses. 

It is worth recalling that AMLO as well in 2008 imposed his brother José Ramiro López Obrador as PRD leader, who finally stepped down in  after wreaking havoc within the party, and is under investigation for embezzlement and criminal conspiracy following his stint as mayor of the municipality of Macuspana, though as coming from a new local government controlled by PRI, it might well be political in nature.

While on this topic, it is worth noting that another AMLO brother, Arturo López Obrador resigned from the PRD last May, yet unlike AMLO, who not casts his lot with PT, Arturo joined his brother's stated arch-enemy PRI to back Javier López Zavala as the PRI candidate to replace the protector of pederasts and harasser of journalists, outgoing governor Mario Marín. 
Despite AMLO's little brother Pedro Arturo campaigning for López Zavala, Marín's anointed successor lost badly, if surprisingly.

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