Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Will AMLO leave the PRD Sunday? Todos al Zócalo

Much speculation regarding whether AMLO will finally announce his departure from the PRD on Sunday, when he will hold a rally in the Zócalo in Mexico City. He has recently sent signals that this is imminent. Given the fact that he also practically refused to campaign for the PRD in 2009 and as well in the recent elections of July 4, it should hardly be a surprise.
Sadly, it also speaks volumes of AMLO. After his favored candidate Alejandro Encinas lost the election to become party president, rather than to accept the insitutionalized leadership of the PRD, led by Jesús Ortega, AMLO chose to dismiss the party, which appeared bent on keeping its word regarding who will be its presidential candidate in 2012 - AMLO earlier agreed that it would be whoever was ahead in the polls. As the PRD leadership recently reiterated this, rather than falling in line behind AMLO, he may finally leave it all together.

(PT and Convergencia, two utterly opportunistic parties devoid of any ideology or programmatic consistency,  also reiterated this promise, but I am hardly holding my breath here). 

I will certainly head to the Zócalo Sunday in any case to "gauge the mood..." 

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