Saturday, July 24, 2010

Porfirio Muñoz Ledo against "vulgar pragmatism"? Please....

It is often noted that Porfirio Muñoz Ledo has held pretty much every high office in Mexico with the exception of the presidency. His political trajectory is certainly notable, as is his historic role in the democratic transition and the creation of the PRD. 

Muñoz Ledo, now 77, is reflecting on his life in a recent column in El Universal. Yet to hear this ultrapragmatic turncoat warn against "vulgar pragmatism" is a cruel joke. Muñoz Ledo was pretty much out of the public sight when he saw a chance to jump on AMLO's Legitimate Government project, rescuing him pretty much from political obscurity. In the process, the old social democrat - he was pretty much responsible for enrolling the PRD in the Socialist International - drastically radicalized, even warning of (calling for?) La Ruptura Que Viene. He left the PRI to join the PRD, then left the PRD to seek the presidency on the ticket of the now-extinct conservative PARM, then stepped down to support the PAN and Vicente Fox - for which he was rewarded with a nice ambassadorship - and now has resurfaced as a national deputy for the "Workers Party," the PT - which is absolutely anything but a workers party, but a purely opportunistic assemblage being utilized by - and is utilizing - AMLO. 

Happy birthday Porfirio, may you live long and well - but please, don't call the kettle black. 

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